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Nails (tag)



Fingers (tag)



Hands (tag)




Healthy nail plate - transparent, pale pink, correct shape, with a small halo of light (whitish semi-circle at the bottom of the nail) at the base (more: Nails (diagnosis))

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Brain (tag)



Back (tag)



Lungs (tag)




Acute pain in the head – neurologist

A sore throat – therapist, ENT

Chest pain, increases with movement – osteochondrosis – orthopedist, neurologist

Acute pain in the chest, chills, palpitations – cardiologist, emergency

Acute pain in the chest, irrational fear, heavy sweating, rapid breathing, palpitations – cardioneurosis – neurologist, psychotherapist

Pain with cough, increased inspiratory – lungs – therapist – needs X-rays

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Each finger and toes corresponds to certain organs and functions.

  • thumb - lung,
  • the index finger - the large intestine,
  • the middle finger - the vital energy, heart and reproductive function,
  • Finger - metabolic activity and output of the excess energy of the heart, stomach, intestines,
  • pinkie - the heart and the small intestine.


  • the first finger (large) - spleen, pancreas,
  • the second toe - stomach,
  • third finger - the stomach and duodenum,
  • the fourth finger - the gall bladder,
  • Fifth finger - bladder.

 (more: Hands (diagnosis) )

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Nutrition (tag)



Basic menu



Basic food



Diets. Preamble.


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Heart (tag)



Liver (tag)



Bowel (tag)



Back (tag)




Pain in the upper abdomen – gastroenterologist

Pain in the upper part of the waist to return to the scapula, shoulders, legs – osteochondrosis - neuropathologist

Sharp pain in the right side – liver, urinary - gastroenterologist

Aching pain in the left side, intestines, pancreas – gastroenterologist, therapist

The side stomach pain during running often occurs, if before you eating hearty or consume fatty foods. Reduce pain, help deep breathing and the sides tilt with a delay.

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Skin (tag)




Problem skin is often associated with internal diseases. (more: Skin (diagnosis))

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Back (tag)




Acute pain in the lower lumbar to return to the legs up to the knees – traumatologist

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Feet (tag)




On the feet focus area projection of internal organs and systems. Exposure of this point is often used in acupuncture. (more: Feet (diagnosis))



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