Happiness is a state of inner satisfaction by the existence, completeness, and meaningfulness of life, theoretically, people experience sometimes. To live happily, you need only two things, one of them is very difficult, but the other is simple: live and happily. So if you want to be happy – be happy (Kozma Prutkov).

    In childhood a person considers himself the center of the universe and the starting point of all, a child often is not able to abstract from such system of coordinates. In early childhood, a person cannot even aware that a world existing outside his (the child's) perception. However, it goes with age. The next step is to learn to abstract from the point of perception (assemblies), learn objectively and globally to perceive and appreciate the world.

     Our brain receives a huge number of pulses every second from all of the senses. The cerebral cortex, "going crazy" trying to compile this noise. The result of it work becomes a stream of "processed" information. Most of the information is processed on a subconscious level (which is also "subjective" in its work, as the subconscious lived and developed together with you). The mind gets already heavily distorted result, and it is only source to build your world view. But our subjective view of the world is absolutely not true.

     Self-discipline - one of the important components of self-development. The term self-discipline is a steady adherence to a certain order observed from inside, subjectively.

     Suppose, you keep your body in normal for health and life cleanliness. But one thing the body hygiene, and quite another mind hygiene. Much more difficult to throw out garbage from your head, wash and clean up the mind. There is no one for all formula. Because each person's picture of the world from birth to the present day, brick by brick evolved individually. Here, as always, it will be offered food for thought.
     "God gave us the greatest gift - self-awareness*, use it, this is no forever."

     The attentional training game teaches people to look for the smiling/approving person in a crowd of frowning faces. By doing this repeatedly and as quickly as possible, this trains an automatic response of looking for acceptance and ignoring rejection.In several studies we have shown that after using the game, people become less stressed at work and school.

     "The concept of "deadly sin" introduced the Scriptures. But if you remove the religious aspect, these sins - a gross violation of a healthy way of life and the moral and physical sense. That is "a deadly sin" - it is an action that takes away human health and the years of his life. Laziness* and overeating* - the two most dangerous deadly sin, shortens life. Anger, jealousy, sadness, depression, intolerance - are other "deadly sins" that destroys human." "Everyone lies!" Svetlana Kuzina.

     Brain - the most important organ of our body. The brain allows us to appreciate the beauty and ugliness of the world. Brain hides in its bosom consciousness* &to have time to learn and understand, a human must take care* of his brain:



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