Time is a relative thing not only in physics "theory of relativity".

     Time is a relative thing not only in physics "theory of relativity". We do not see time as a physical object passing by, so we are not able to estimate its speed. We can estimate the rate of time flow only on the basis of the density of points left in the memory by events, when referring to it in the long retrospective, ie. if one year or one day that has passed a week ago, was empty for events (did not leave peak memories), taking it into account in conjunction with the surrounding time periods (default perception), the memory-sliding impulse has nothing to catch hold of, and the speed of the elapsed time is estimated as a fleeting. In the short retrospective, the opposite is true: a boring monotonous day will seem infinitely long, but only for a short period of time. As soon as from the end of the boring and monotonous day, will pass at least a week, it completely dissolved into oblivion, not leaving behind any "reminders", thus "reducing" your life.
     Try to glance photos taken in your Teens and early years at work. Life is full of different interesting events. Compare it to today's. The frequency of events has fallen; the events have become similar to one another. At the same time, it seems that time is accelerating. This effect is caused by the fact that the brain does not like to pay attention to the same events. The brain, like as it skips the " frame of the film if it finds a duplicate on the own "attic". So, we are accelerating our coming to the "end of the film". To avoid painful torment for the wasted years, make a variety in your life, as you did it early - get unique "frames". In the beginning, it seems to be a difficult task, as easy "frames" have already been get, but life is not linear - a step aside and you are already on a new plane on which new impressions "lie under your feet".
However, by extending your life through the densification of peak events, it is worth remembering the danger of actual shortening it. In other words: it is worth remembering the compromise of life with health, no matter how comical it seems.
     Do not put your life on the back burner. Making a bet on a distant in time upcoming event, as a bright peak moment in your life, you thereby take off the responsibility for the time period between now and the event. Expecting something from the event, you are thereby "throw a harpoon" in the future and pull yourself to that point, speeding up the time. Not to mention the possibility of unfulfilled expectations, there is a possibility of accelerating, not only irretrievably lose precious resource – time, but also to miss a chance or miss any really important event. This, the most likely outcome when betting on the future, can plunge you into a deep disappointment in life and reward a sense of lost time.
     From all sides, we are proposed to exchange the time for anything: on money, things, senses, distances. But whenever we agree to this exchange, we automatically lose. And even if we do not agree to exchange time for anything, we still lose, because we cannot keep it - time. Time is always not enough, and it never gets out of fashion, never depreciates. For us today-it is priceless.



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