Prolonged static postures (standing, sitting), carry some heavy, cold wind, during a weak muscular system, sedentary lifestyle, nervous life, all this is the cause of pain in the lower back. Basically, we do not do anything for the prevention of this disease, and even worse, when the pain comes, we trying to take away it by anything, that we see from TV advertising, by syringes with a hormonal anti-inflammatory drug, dealing a blow to the endocrine system. Yes, the pain temporarily (until next time) away, but the problem has not been solved.
     What can be done:
     The first group – stretching exercises.
1) Hanging on the crossbar straighten your arms completely relax.


     Morning exercises - the first and most important step to an active, full, healthy life. Please read the system of exercises that will not only give you the energy for the whole day but also help to avoid discomfort associated with overexertion.

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     After a long work sitting at a desk or at a computer, you feel the tension in the neck and shoulders. Consequently: headaches, excessive nervousness, eye fatigue. Evidence: aching pain in the area of necks, between the shoulder blades, headache. Overvoltage back muscles (sedentary work, the static position of the head inclined forward, with the use of handheld devices).
    What can be done:
   1) Lying on the non slippery surface, face up, by placing 2-4 tennis ball on the both spine's sides (not on the spine! ),using arms and legs slowly roll balls along the body.

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