Diet - qualitative and quantitative composition of our daily ration. The fact that more and more often supported by the scientific community, is the ideal composition for each individual person - is unique. Before taking another diet, you should read and consider this article.

     Research increasingly suggests that each of us is unique in the way we absorb and metabolize nutrients. This dawning realization has scientists, and entrepreneurs, scrambling to provide more effective nutritional advice based on such distinguishing factors as genetic makeup, gut bacteria, body type and chemical exposures. “The same dietary advice cannot be good for everyone, because we are all different,” said Eran Elinav, an immunologist at the Weizmann Institute of Science in Rehovot, Israel.
     Experts know that people’s blood sugar responses vary a lot. Thus, the individual response varies with time and place, i.e. dynamic. “Each human being has a unique response to the food he or she consumes.” – Eran Elinav, MD, Ph.D, a researcher at the Weizmann Institute of Science1*. The difference in how people respond to what they eat may be explained in part by how we use the simple sugars left after we digest it. We absorb these simple sugars mostly in the small intestine, and the researchers found that specific microbes there are linked to how much blood sugar rises after a meal.
     Different folks lose weight at different rates – even when their calorie deficit is the same. The general rule is the fact that, the less the person eats, the fewer calories their body burns. But still, We all have our own internal fuel efficiencies when it comes to our bodies’ abilities to handle calories.Everyone thinks, how to eat everything that you want, but lose the weight, feel the ease and be energetic. No, either one or the other, and will not any "magic" yogurt that helps you.
     Looking at new research on the benefit of various food, more and more come to the conclusion that all them have any benefit and also harmful at the same time, the question is only in the proportions of consumption frequency and personal contraindications.


     Although there are no universal rules, yet there are some general patterns hold for most people:
1) Everything is good in moderation (norms theoryvegetarianism, "Tomorrow I start a new life" effect),
2) Want to lose weight - eat less (About slimness simplybasic menu, basic food, table calorie*),
3) For the comprehensive functioning of the body must be a reasonable variety in the diet (vegetarianism, Vitamins, microelements in foods"Tomorrow I start a new life" effect),
4) It is important to pay attention to the compatibility of food (Compatibility of food),
5) Breakfast is important for a person (breakfast),
6) Today peoples consume too much sugar (give up sugar),
7) Excessive consumption of fatty foods, a negative impact on the body (types of fats, digestion, brain and fatdiet and sleep).
8) Geographical principle of diet.
9) The organism needs cleaning.

     These rules will be more effective if you take one idea, Diet is not a temporary measure, but the reprogramming of the nutrition system forever. Usually, a person is strictly on a diet for several weeks, then stop it and gaining weight. Make the contrary, you always eat normally (like on a diet), but sometimes make a pause for vacation or holidays.

     And of course the misconceptions. Myths about diets.
1) Blood-type diet.



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